Yuurta 6-inch Slim Recessed Light 3CCT Driver Teardown

Recently we took apart a “Yuurta 6-inch Slim 3CCT Recessed Light” to see – how good it was built.

This time we want to tear down it’s LED Driver (power supply).

LED Driver (power supply) for Yuurta 6-inch 3CCT Slim Recessed Light

Here is how it is labelled:

Triac Dimmable Constant Current LED Driver
Volt: 100-130VAC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Volt: 28-42VDC
Current: 340mA
Power: 15W
6″ LED Slim Panel Light Dimmable type
IC rated suitable for damp location inherently protected
access above ceiling required
conforms to UL STD 1598
Certified to CSA C22.2 No.250.0
Made in China

L: Black
N: White
E: Green/Yellow

C ETL listed US Intertek 5000999

Metal Box

Here are the metal box pictures



The other side:




Wires are

Line: Black
Neutral: White
Earth Grou: Green

Wires are stranded, marked 18 AWG, which is 0.0403″ (~1mm) in diameter. Bare and tinned ends.


Power supply circuit board

Let us open the cover

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